Black PLA 3D Filament

Black PLA 3D Filament is your best friend when you start on your 3D printing journey

Perhaps you tried out the 3D printers at your local library?  Or saw a segment about all the amazing things that 3D printers can do on the TV?  Whatever brought you to purchasing your first 3D printer (which is a very confusing decision to make), now you have more decisions.  What filament do I buy? 

In our blog, we discuss the pros and cons of the various qualities of filament, but you have some more basic decisions to make.  What colour?  What size?  Perhaps your printer is capable of printing with multiple colours at one time, however if you have your first printer, it is more likely that you will be printing using one colour at a time.  

Black PLA 1.75mm 3D filament is the most versatile colour.  It looks professional, and hides imperfections well.  It is our best selling filament as it provides high quality output at an affordable price.  Have you purchased our black PLA 1.75mm 3D filament?  Send us pictures of your prints!  We would love to include them in our photo gallery!